Founding Fathers & Elders

At The 1981 Innauguration

At The 1981 Innauguration

The Late Mr. Yaw Frank Annor, in his introduction, narrated how the Association was formed; as a result of the death of one man. During this difficult time, Kwahus in the Tri-State came together as one body to find a peaceful resting place for this man. The woman (widower) at the center of this was Madam Asiedua whose husband died unexpectedly and needed the outmost help from the rest of the Kwahu Citizens. Unity has always been part of Kwahus everywhere they find themselves. Even though the death of this man was an unfortunate incident, it brought a sense of unity and togetherness among the citizens from Kwahu Traditional Area. At the moment, there is no doubt on my mind that this individual will be smiling in his grave. May His Perfect Soul Rest in Peace!

After this unflinching support from the Kwahus in the Tri-State, the most frequent question everybody asked was, what’s next?- This legitimate question needed to be answered. The obvious answer was to use the names that were written at the funeral to form an organization that will serve not only our needs but also those in Kwahu Traditional Area. The outcome of this noble decision is what we see today. The BIG 5 who made this first call were Mr. Kwabena Sarfo, Mr. Kofi Boamah, Mr. Fred Appreh, Mr. Kwabena Addo & Mr. Lawyer Afram Asiedu.

There is a clear indication that the Association was built on a solid foundation; I say kudos to all these extraordinary individuals who made impossible things, at the time, possible. Wait a minute! During these developments, there were cynics at the time who thought this dream was not achievable; but, today, we have all lived to prove them wrong. YES, the dream has materialized and history is made. The formation of this noble Association has not only brought unity and Social Networking, but it has also impacted lives in Kwawu Traditional Area by way of project development. This is not to say that, as a human institution, there haven’t been serious challenges within this 30-year period. Kwahuman has been able to withstand all these challenges due to its strong foundation upon which it was built.

One of the historic moments the Association has witnessed was the visit of the Paramount chief of Kwahu Traditional Area in 1984. Daasebre Akuamoah Boateng II, a young lawyer at the time and a traditionalist honored the invitation and brought hope to the citizens of Kwawu . In his address, he urged members to put aside all odds and make the Association” a giant organization among many in the tri-State area”. The blessings from Daasebre Akuamoah Boateng II have manifested and the results are what we see today.