Beyond the great and beautiful Mountains of Odwenanoma that stretch across the Eastern Part of Ghana lay a piece of terrain touched by the Sun and blessed by the Creator. This fertile piece of land is the ancestral home of the great and proud people of the KWAHUS who are very rich in culture and resources.

One of the smallest Traditional Areas, the Kwahu Traditional Area comprises of seventeen major towns with the Omanhene at Abene, the Adontenhene at Abetifi, the Nifahene at Obo, the Benkumhene at Aduamoa and the Kyidomhene at Pepease. Due to the climate and the weather conditions of the area, (with Abetifi being the highest point in Ghana above sea level) the early Basel Missionaries settled at Kwahu. Thus education and Christianity came very early in this part of the country. It is also a historical fact that the British Royal family picked Kwahu as their retreat during the Second World War due to the favorable weather conditions. It’s never gets above 85 degrees; picture this type of temperature in sub Saharan Africa. We are very proud to have produced the first Ghanaian Novelist the late Dr. R.E. Obeng (MpuansaNtiamoa) and the first Black African pilot – south of the Sahara the late Captain Thomas E. Agyare.

In the sixties and early seventies, traveling abroad especially to the United States of America, became the obsession of many Ghanaians. Ghanaians were entering the United States in droves. Among these new Immigrants were many adventurers and dreamers from the Kwahu Traditional Area of Ghana. With the sudden influx of the Kwahu people into the Metropolitan area some resourceful and progressive among us began to nurse the idea of forming an Association which wouldcater for the social and economic needs at its future members.
The champions of this idea, for fear that they might be stigmatized as tribalistic, placed this noble notion temporarily in their mental cabinet hoping to retrieve it when the opportune moment arrived. It was not long when an influential Obuoba (meaning the son of the mountain, which is the name normally used for Kwahu citizens) died. The death of this man and the urgent need for collective action provided the necessary catalyst to hasten the birth of a Union. Thus, after some great and noble efforts of some individuals, these sons and daughters of the proud people from the Kwahu Traditional Area of Ghana now residing in the New York Metropolitan Area, realizing that we could not meaningfully help one another here in the Americas, nor could we contribute positively to the progress of the Kwahu Traditional Area, without consolidating our efforts, came under one banner in a strong Union and formed KWAHUMAN ASSOC1ATION OF NEW YORK INC. on the 27th day of September 1981, which became a registered section 501(c) organization thereafter. The membership of Kwahuman Association is open to all citizens from the Kwahu Traditional Area of Ghana, their spouses and offspring. Meetings of the Association are held once a month. That is the second Sunday of each month. However, members are always notified of the date, time and venue of an impending meeting in writing. Since its inception, Kwahuman Association has not lived in isolation. We are proud of our status as one of the founding members of the National Council of Ghanaian.
Also to better help our folks back home, Kwahuman Association of New York, helped form THE UNITED KWAHU ASSOCIATION – OF U.S AND CANADA, INC. With this Organization, all the Kwahu National Associations in New York; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Illinois; Toronto, Canada and our brothers and sisters in Great Britain and Ireland have been able to coordinate our activities and help our beloved Home State – OKWAHU.
Even though our achievements have not matched our aspirations and goals, Kwahuman Association of New York had never ceased to explore ways and means by which we can help in the solution of some of the many problems that confront our people in the Kwahu District of Ghana.
Long live Ghana
Long Live Kwahuman
Long Live Okwawu United